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Election 2022 - page 7

Democrats often make the mistake of failing to talk like real people talk.

Despite some whispers in Annapolis, Democratic nominee rejects the idea that there are any hard feelings from the primary.

What the numbers say about the possibility of Maryland congressional seats changing hands.

Harris ally says he is not afraid to be ‘cancelled.’ Mizeur’s backers say she is focused on ‘results.’

Lierman favored in race, but Glassman receives endorsement he says represents a ‘great boost’ for his campaign.

More than 120 people have applied for the five vacancies on the Montgomery County Planning Commission.

‘When you are sitting in a jail cell, you don’t care about a voter registration card,’ ex-offender turned voting rights activist says.

Surveying all the candidates for local school board seats across the state.

The stakes were reflected in the urgency and ferocity of some of the attacks the candidates hurled at each other.

Protect Maryland Kids wants Marylanders to vote ‘no’ on Question 4, the statewide ballot question legalizing recreational cannabis use.