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Josh Kurtz

Founding editor

Founding Editor Josh Kurtz is a veteran chronicler of Maryland politics and government. He began covering the State House in 1995 for The Gazette newspapers, and has been writing about state and local politics ever since. He was an editor at Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, for eight years, and for eight years was the editor of E&E Daily, which covers energy and environmental policy on Capitol Hill. For 6 1/2 years Kurtz wrote a weekly column on state politics for Center Maryland and has written for several other Maryland publications as well. Kurtz regularly gives speeches and appears on TV and radio shows to discuss Maryland politics.

An unlikely new assignment for a cerebral, nimble, strategic progressive from Montgomery County.

Thirty percent of Democratic voters, according to some polls, prefer two kooks to President Biden. That cannot be ignored.

With COVID-19 just a few inches away from our rear-view mirrors, the 2023 legislative session more closely resembled the bacchanalia of the before-times.

When Larry Hogan was first sworn in as governor, the weather was cold and snowy. Wednesday’s forecast in Annapolis: Above-average temperatures and morning fog giving way to golden sunshine.

Oftentimes, the chatter about the names you hear for key positions are coming directly from the wannabes who wish to serve in the Moore administration or from people who are close to them.

The book is strongest is in its discussion of Hogan’s well-oiled PR machine, his ability to stay on message, and his relentless use of polling.

An indispensable website for political junkies, created by a top aide to Gov. Larry Hogan.

For all her accomplishments, a hallmark of the Prince George’s County executive’s tenure has been political caution.

November’s election results are going to necessitate a lot of soul-searching among GOP activists about the kind of candidates and messages the party needs to be advancing in this blue state.

Maryland may have been one of the few places where Biden would be guaranteed a hospitable welcome.