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Energy & Environment

Is it transparency or an attempt to stifle frank conversations about energy policy? Grid operator’s priorities can be at odds with state climate goals.

Honeybee losses are at record highs across the nation, with Maryland beekeepers reporting a 55% winter loss in 2021, the second highest in the…

In a letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the governor said “blue catfish are a particular concern.”

An almost-accidental landing in Easton has led to a full and varied career in the green energy space.

Invoking rhetoric of the left, Rep. Andy Harris tells a room of wind turbine foes: ‘This is what democracy looks like.’

The nation’s largest grid operator is warning that it might not have enough electric generation in the future to guarantee reliability.

During a recent test, the reliability of one major utility’s public electric vehicle charging stations did not meet expectations.

Former Gov. Hogan had paused Maryland’s participation in meeting the California standard.

An attempt to prepare an important agency for its greater responsibilities.

As lawmakers in Annapolis push for electrification, skeptics question whether the grid can handle the demands.