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Energy & Environment

Ankle-deep water from flooding and a looming federal shutdown joined crabs on the menu at the annual Eastern Shore gathering.

Once a year, the small Eastern Shore town becomes the center of the Md. political universe. But how closely are leaders paying attention to its economic challenges and the ravages of climate change?

As the invasive spotted lanternfly continues to spread nationwide, its proliferation has highlighted an even more worrisome invasive species: the prolific “stinking sumac,” or tree of heaven. 

If you see spotted lanternfly egg masses or the bugs, officials say to scrape, smash and report your findings to the Department of Agriculture.

Maryland State Schools Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury said he remains optimistic about guiding the Department of Education for the next four years. “I am hopeful…

Over the next few months, the task force is going to study a number of issues as it looks to restructure the water and sewer utility, and will also look at other water and wastewater utilities around the country.

The regulation applies to buildings with a floor area of 35,000 square feet or more — warehouses, office buildings, multi-family housing dwellings, and retail stores.

The Board of Public Works voted Wednesday to approve $150 million in contracts that could one day lead to a widening of the American…


The plan is likely to result in legislation that will be debated in the 2024 General Assembly session and possibly beyond.

As part of Maryland Matters’ ongoing “Climate Calling” series, today we kick off a mini-series within the series, focusing on climate challenges and opportunities…