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Not a single cent of the new charge forced on shoppers is required to address climate change, support recycling, or promote sustainability, former lawmakers write.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Hershey Co. on Tuesday pledged $2 million to support Pennsylvania dairy farmers in adopting environmentally friendly practices, part…

A new state disaster recovery fund has no funding set aside for it.

If it took a few moments for the county officials, state bureaucrats and environmental leaders in attendance to adjust to what they were witnessing, it was understandable.

Van Hollen focused on efforts to reduce costs of prescription drugs and to promote more renewable energy.

Maryland’s quiet congressman discusses legislative priorities and political plans, and says Republicans need to feel the heat on a potential government shutdown.

The Biden administration is spending more than $3 billion to cultivate more American farmers and forest landowners as partners to mitigate climate change —…

Dolphin skulls are typically found twice a year in Southern Maryland.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission has filed a lawsuit against numerous companies, alleging they knowingly polluted the environment with “forever chemicals.”

Researchers in Maryland are using the technology to monitor changes in habitat and environmental conditions wrought by climate change.