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Health Care

Free pantries already facing high demand after pandemic aid curtailed.

In Maryland, 123,000 people who rely on the WIC program could be at risk of losing funds to purchase select food and receive vouchers for vegetables and fruit.

Gilman Hall at Johns Hopkins University

The network may help identify and guide emergency responses to any changes in the COVID pandemic or any other threatening diseases that arise in the future.

Re-opening the facility will help the food bank organize increased efforts to provide not only food assistance but also job connection opportunities.

“Social media influences and the pandemic’s effect on learning and socialization have had a major impact on our children,” Ferguson said.

The board’s current authority only covers prescription drugs under state and local government health care plans.

One of the main concerns from the union is persistent staffing shortages, which impacts the ability to take care of patients and contributes to longer wait-times.

“We’re hoping it will be a fairly quiet season, but this is where everyone in public health is still watching closely and holding our breath,” Sen. Clarence Lam said.

Americans older than six months should get an updated COVID-19 booster this fall, according to a recommendation the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…