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Opinion: Legion Bridge Is More Than a Route to Va. It’s an Expressway to...

The American Legion Bridge rebuild will not only improve transportation, it will be an expressway to the middle class for Maryland’s working men and women.

Opinion: The Climate Crisis Is Happening Now

Frequent flash flooding far beyond a typical summer storm is how climate change will continue to show up in our communities.

David Plymyer: Put the Blame on Frosh for State’s Big Legal Bill With Venable

Lawyer and commentator (and Democrat) David Plymer blames Attorney General Brian Frosh, rather than Gov. Larry Hogan, for the state's big legal bill.

Opinion: As a Veteran and Pediatrician, I’m Asking That We All Fight for Children 

The U.S. has a history of proclaiming support for children. That stands in stark contrast with how it actually treats this vulnerable group. 
Clean Energy

Opinion: Is Retail Energy ‘Choice’ an Aladdin’s Tale?

The founder of the Energy Supplier Reform Coalition says the upcoming legislative push to expand retail energy choice in Maryland could be bad for consumers.

Opinion: Education Reform Can’t Wait

When the legislature overrode the veto of the education reforms, they bolstered Maryland’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transit Coalition: Senators, Thank You. Mode Matters

The Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition is cheering budget language that may open the door for completion of the Red Line.

Roz Hamlett: We Must Not Succumb to the ‘Banality of Brutality’

Twenty years ago, I stood in my kitchen in Baltimore and watched in disbelief as two planes hit the Twin Towers. Days later, I...
Voting rights

Opinion: Dems Need to Start Fighting for Voting Rights or Face Defections in 2022

Democratic leaders, take note. Grass-roots activists who built the 2020 blue wave are on the verge of abandoning you.

Josh Kurtz: Kittleman’s Comeback Attempt Says a Lot About the 2022 Political Environment

Former Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman's announcement Sunday that he'll try to win his old job back next year says everything you need...