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Oral Health

Del. Bagnall: ‘Benign’ Law Offers Hope to Marylanders Seeking Oral Health Care

What's keeping many Marylanders from going to the dentist? A new oral health task force was created to figure out why.

Rep. Trone: 5G Is Key to Job Creation and Bridging the Digital Divide in...

5G infrastructure is critical to the health and vitality of Maryland's economy.

Josh Kurtz: Read the Man Who Is Writing Hogan’s Redistricting Plans

What do disability rights, labor law, flirting and tort reform have to do with congressional and legislative redistricting?Not much, really — unless you're interested...

Opinion: Legislature Should Support Cannabis Licensing Process That Prioritizes Minority Business Owners

Maryland is on the precipice of a decision that could have a lasting impact on minority entrepreneurs interested in pursuing business opportunities in the recreational cannabis industry.
Kung Fu

Opinion: 308 — The 1974 House Bill That Saved Maryland From Everybody Kung Fu...

Take a trip back to the 1970s, when a Bruce Lee martial arts movie inspired public safety legislation in the General Assembly.

Frank DeFilippo: Maryland is Putting its Embarrassment of Riches to Work

In the catchpenny world of government finance, having too much money can often be worse than not having enough.It is demonstrably easy to say...

Mike Rosenbaum: Use the Surplus to Empower and Invest in Workers

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it's that the gap between Marylanders who are well off and those who are struggling to get by has only widened.

Opinion: An Agenda for Black Marylanders Cannot Be One of Convenience

By Candace Bacchus HollingsworthThe writer is the former mayor of Hyattsville and the national co-chair of Our Black Party, a political organization established to...

Opinion: Redlining Revisited

New research suggests that discriminatory lending practices that disadvantaged Black homeowners, popularized with the term “redlining,” preexisted and were much more widespread than the color-coded maps that gave rise to the term.
Climate Change

Opinion: Tackling Climate Change Requires Real Solutions, Not False Promises

Biden promised he would restore a science-backed climate policy when he took office. One activist asks, Where is that science-backed leadership now?