Mileah Kromer: Adrienne Jones, Maryland’s Exemplar of Women’s Political Leadership

Md.'s House of Delegates speaker can make a leader out of a backbencher, and her endorsement can turn a political hopeful into an elected official.
Tax Credits

Franchot: With Good Fiscal News, It’s Time to Deliver for Marylanders

The State of Maryland has a lot of money. And by a lot, I mean a once-in-a-generation unanticipated $5 billion in the bank.

Opinion: The Fight for Abortion Rights … and for Our Democracy

The Democracy Initiative chief of staff says that attacks on abortion rights are are attacks on our democracy.
Passenger Rail

Opinion: Is Maryland Ready for Its National Passenger Rail Moment?

A Silver Spring transportation advocate believes Maryland should create an independent, regional commuter rail authority to elevate the state's passenger rail future.

Opinion: The Education of Our Children Is of the Essence. Arbitrary Timelines Are Not

This essay reflects the views of the Climate Communications Coalition, the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education, Maryland Latinos Unidos, and Corazón Latino.We...

Opinion: Preserve the Heritage of Md.’s Seafood Industry

A Kent County commissioner believes gubernatorial candidate Peter Franchot’s views on phasing out commercial oystering will force hardworking watermen out of business.

Opinion: Priorities for Maryland’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs

Maryland needs to establish an LGBT+ affairs commission, says one Baltimore candidate for the House of Delegates.

Frank DeFilippo: Vaxxing is Vexing, But Trying Beats Dying

Many Americans of a certain age probably remember those terrifying health department signs displayed in windows or tacked to houses warning people outside that...

Fraser-Hidalgo: Private Sector Is Critical in Meeting Demand for EV Charging Stations

A Montgomery County delegate says the private sector is critical to meeting the demand for EV charging stations across the country.
Free State

Don Murphy: Maryland — The Free (Market) State?

A longtime advocate for legalizing marijuana writes that the state needs to learn from its failures in standing up the medical cannabis industry and sports gaming.