MoCo Sierra Club: Thrive 2050 Sets Stage for Smart Growth in County

Environmental group urges Montgomery County Council: Take the bold step and approve the new general master plan.

Opinion: Does the AARP Think You’re Too Dumb to Shop for Electricity?

The Retail Energy Supply Association believes Maryland consumers should be able to shop for energy supplies just like other goods and services.

Opinion: Put Food on Maryland’s Political Agenda

For statewide candidates, this Anne Arundel farmer offers some food for thought on the importance of food and the food system to health and the environment.

Opinion: More Than 500 State Legislators in 47 States Agree: We Should Strengthen our...

By Ben Brooks and Lorig Charkoudian The writers are members of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing portions of Baltimore and Montgomery counties, respectively. This is...
Racial Justice

Dayvon Love: Is it Real? The State of Racial Justice in Maryland Politics

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle public policy director points out the many leadership changes in the legislature in the past few years. Now comes the real test.

Frank DeFilippo: Being Lieutenant Governor Can be a Very Lonely Position             

When the governor of Idaho was out of state recently, his second in command issued an executive order rescinding the boss’s actions on COVID-19...
Net Zero Expansion

Opinion: Pricey Toll Lane Plan Won’t Solve Regional Traffic Issues

An October study shows that in some sections of I-495 and I-270, congestion would be worse after adding lanes, compared to the no-build alternative.

Josh Kurtz: Prince George’s, Center of the Political Universe (Again)

One candidate is 32 years old and has a hip, New Age-y first name. He once worked as a community organizer and speaks the...
Open Government

Opinion: Maryland Needs a New Open Government Paradigm

This writer says his recent experience with the public school system illustrates how Maryland's Public Information Act is "broken and cannot be fixed."

Al Redmer: With AG Frosh’s Retirement, Maryland Loses Another Statesman

Maryland is losing a deliberate decision maker, dedicated public servant with AG Frosh's retirement.