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Guest Commentary

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Maryland Matters welcomes guest commentary submissions at [email protected] We suggest a 750-word limit and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions. We do not accept columns that are endorsements of candidates or submissions from political candidates. Views of writers are their own.

Current Maryland law takes away a spouse’s right to consent — it mandates their consent, whether they’re actually willing or not.

Graduates were elected state comptroller and Frederick County executive this year, and 16 members of the General Assembly are Emerge alums.

Few measures have managed to unite Democratic, unaffiliated, and Republican voters, the author writes.

With a vote by the county council coming up, the gas industry is working hard to keep Montgomery County hooked on fossil fuels.

Sickle cell patients should not face skepticism and fear when they go to an ER; they should be treated compassionately.

Eastern Shore voter: If Gov. Hogan genuinely wants to play a role in taking down the far right in the GOP, he should consider challenging Congressman Harris.

The Inflation Reduction Act will provide tax rebates for homeowners who electrify their homes.

Who will take responsibility and ultimate accountability for improving outcomes in Maryland schools over the next decade?

Why are Frederick County Democrats taking an anti-union stance on a charter question?

The new Nice-Middleton Bridge, with no shoulders and the removal of the promised bike/pedestrian path, will only be part of the Hogan administration’s bicycle and pedestrian legacy.