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Guest Commentary

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Maryland Matters welcomes guest commentary submissions at [email protected]. We suggest a 750-word limit and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions. We do not accept columns that are endorsements of candidates or submissions from political candidates. Views of writers are their own.

Maryland can deliver on these bold climate promises by pursuing healthy air standards for HVACs and water heaters.

Three small stacks of betting chips are piled on a laptop keyboard

With its myopic focus on revenue, a new report on iGaming glosses over the massive losses of Maryland jobs that would accompany the industry’s expansion, union leaders write.

Local leaders can change the way we recruit, hire and train tomorrow’s police officers and create a workplace that is predicated on the spirit of service and procedural justice.

Some of the substances we use to kill pests and weeds are key contributors to climate change, write a farmer and a public health professor.

While the PSA – released in September 2023 – is heartbreaking, a critical question remains: Will it work?

To support services and maximize resources, harm reduction advocates must acknowledge the Black community’s unique experiences with addiction, a community leader writes.


For the last several decades we have sat idly by as our jails and prison populations have swelled and sentences have become more excessive.

The Maryland Stadium Authority is an incredible organization doing great work for the citizens of Maryland, one of its former leaders writes.

A group of Jewish activists and organizers write to share support for the immigrants rights group, CASA.

In spite of misleading media coverage, regular people in our communities support doing more for young people while taking multiple approaches to public safety.