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According to a 2022 report from the state’s Interagency Commission on School Construction, the average age of a school in Maryland is 31 years.

A new report shows that Maryland is in the top 10 states when it comes to policies that support mental health among new mothers…

The finding is one of three in a new report released by the Office of Legislative Audits.

“We have incredible medicines available that can save lives – but only if they can reach patients in a timely way,” Cardin said in a written statement.

“They take it for granted that when they need police, fire or paramedics, they dial three digits and help is on the way,” Sen. Kagan said.

Air conditioning has become an equity issue: People of color and the poor are usually the ones without it.

Pharmaceutical Market

Process will include input from the public, consideration from stakeholders and information gathering.

Three Maryland lawmakers want to posthumously recognize Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman whose cancer cells have been used for decades in research and paved…

“[Medical debt] really does impact everyone on some level. It doesn’t impact folks equally,” said Berneta Haynes, senior attorney for National Consumer Law Center.

The National Park and Recreation Association says that supporting parks can promote healthy activities, such as biking, hiking, and walking down trails.