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Energy & Environment - page 5

American universities are not producing enough graduates in the very fields that will guide the implementation of programs that combat climate change. Maryland schools are showing the way.

Almost half of Maryland voters said climate change has directly impacted them.

Despite what critics say, there are many examples of farming being augmented by solar installations.

Green groups seem stuck in the outdated perception of nuclear energy portrayed in popular culture, akin to Mr. Burns and Homer Simpson in Springfield.

Gov. Moore’s office says he is ‘disappointed’ by the news of Orsted’s decision but is determined to build the state’s offshore wind industry.

Moore administration officials tout $90 million being set aside for climate investments. But that isn’t “new” money.

Democrats seek to make it harder to scalp tickets, provide data protections for adults and children.

The state needs a clear competent vision of net-zero before we set interim goals and commit serious money, an engineer and policy expert writes.

At its core, such a memorial would serve as a crucial acknowledgment and tribute to the historical contributions of Black watermen to the Chesapeake Bay region.

Maryland's iconic State House dome and grounds blanketed in newly fallen snow.

Maryland Department of the Environment gets its first assistant secretary for environmental justice.