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A group of scientists and environmental advocates are concerned about a proposed 25-acre indoor salmon farm near Federalsburg.

Environmental advocates largely praised the climate provisions in Senate Democrats’ massive taxes, health care and energy bill released last week, saying even with provisions…

With Baltimore facing increased risks of coastal flooding from storms as sea level rises, federal officials have put forward a $138 million plan.

Montgomery County is considering whether to shift to an all-electric building standard, a decarbonization effort that would be the first of its kind in…

Federal lawmakers discussed goals for improving the Chesapeake Bay with new leaders of two key organizations.

It’s been a lean season for crabbers and crab lovers alike, with the Chesapeake Bay’s popular crustaceans at their lowest level in more than 30 years.


As the 2025 federal deadline approaches for cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay, pressure on Pennsylvania has been growing.

The LCV’s annual scorecard gave lawmakers high scores generally, and especially celebrated passage of a major climate bill.

Several Democratic gubernatorial candidates used the Supreme Court decision to promote their environmental credentials and policies.

Despite its national significance, the Chesapeake Bay currently lacks any formal National Park System status.