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A federal task force wrestled with the costs and benefits of better shielding the nation’s tens of thousands of electric substations from a growing…


Bill seeks to allow local governments to tailor their adaptation strategies, but Md. Association of Counties warns of excessive costs.

MDE says Valley Proteins must meet ’substantially stricter’ discharge limits

Moore’s cabinet picks testifying in briefings on the Chesapeake Bay’s health.

Elected officials touted forthcoming legislation as a hallmark of increasing regional cooperation

County Executive Calvin Ball put much of the blame on inflation.

The money is available, but coordinating the programs may be a challenge for a depleted state government.

Achieving the aggressive offshore wind power goals of the federal government and individual states will require billions of dollars in spending on transmission infrastructure,…

Pesticides do not require PFAS to be effective, the authors write.

The White House on Friday announced plans to speed up the use of infrastructure law funds to replace lead pipes in underserved communities, with…