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Energy & Environment - page 6

Maryland's iconic State House dome and grounds blanketed in newly fallen snow.

Maryland Department of the Environment gets its first assistant secretary for environmental justice.

Comptroller sees progress on minority business programs and making climate a priority in state agency contracts.

Armed with new polling data, the largest players in the retail energy supply market are prepared to oppose legislation on the premise that it takes away consumer choice.

Prioritizing solar on agricultural fields may be cheaper in the short-term, but it is a mistake to exclude the long-term costs of lost farmland, forests, and open space in the calculus.

The Biden administration announced this week $1 billion in funding for more than 2,700 electric and low-emission school buses across 37 states. In Maryland,…

The Md. Dept. of the Environment estimates that at least $1 billion annually in new state spending is necessary for investments that would help the state meet its climate goals.

The town has seen air pollution and subsequent disproportionate health impacts, increased stormwater runoff and other environmental impacts over many years.

F Minus found some progress in Maryland since its lobbyist database was first unveiled in July.

Corliss Billips has lived in Baltimore near Morgan State University for 48 years. It’s where she’s owned her home, raised three children, and recently…

New document is released as state readies recommendations for its ‘pathway’ to meet legislative goals.