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Election 2022 - page 4

Election workers and voters are growing increasingly concerned about the threats of voter intimidation, and experts are making sure they’re equipped with resources necessary to deal with the threats.

An indispensable website for political junkies, created by a top aide to Gov. Larry Hogan.

Democrats are offering endorsements to the Republican nominee for Frederick County executive.

Maryland lawmakers continue to work on cannabis policies in preparation for voter approval.

Democrats and Republicans have just a handful of frantic days left to convince voters who should control Congress before voting in the Nov. 8…

Wicomico has been without a permanent county executive since the summer of 2020, when Republican Bob Culver died.

Democrats see effort to sow “chaos” into Maryland’s vote count.

Favored in the polls, Democrat Wes Moore pulled in a whopping $5.2 million in the past two months.

The Republican gubernatorial hopeful has failed to do many of the things a candidate who wants to win would do, observers say.

Why are Frederick County Democrats taking an anti-union stance on a charter question?