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Election 2022 - page 4

More than 42 million Americans by mid-afternoon on Monday had gotten a jump start on Tuesday’s midterm elections, casting their votes through mail-in ballots…

Biden joins fellow Democrats in a push to insist voters that democracy is on the ballot on Election Day.

Candidates up and down the ballot are criss-crossing the state, making their final pleas to voters ahead of Election Day on Tuesday. Over the…

Twenty questions (plus two) that test your political instincts as Election Day approaches.

Conservative school board candidates who want to remove books dealing with gender identity, racism and other socially sensitive topics from school library shelves are running in at least 11 of Maryland’s 23 counties.

Election watchdogs are hearing the same rhetoric across the country.

Did the Democrats help a vulnerable incumbent by redrawing the Senate district map?

‘Election interference is a crime,’ the State Board of Elections warns.

Election workers and voters are growing increasingly concerned about the threats of voter intimidation, and experts are making sure they’re equipped with resources necessary to deal with the threats.

An indispensable website for political junkies, created by a top aide to Gov. Larry Hogan.