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Election 2022 - page 6

For 50 years, Democrats have imagined that a high turnout of young voters will help their candidates. But the enthusiasm and turnout they desire is often illusory.

Mizeur accuses Harris of shifting his stance on abortion to appear more moderate.

District 29B House seat considered one of the most competitive in Maryland.

On Tuesday alone, Moore picked up the endorsements of President Obama and Gabrielle Giffords and held a virtual conversation with Hillary Clinton.

After Democrat Calvin Ball defeated the incumbent Republican, Allan Kittleman, in the 2018 race for Howard County executive, Kittleman traveled to Ball’s election night…

By Micaela Hanson and Sam Barrett From Maryland’s western panhandle to its Eastern Shore — and from the political right to the left — Maryland’s school…

With the Democrats favored to win back the governor’s mansion, putting a visible Republican at the head of the tech council is a noteworthy move.

Station’s coverage of a ballot question the network’s owner is backing financially crosses a ‘clear ethical line,’ journalism professor says.

Maryland ranks second in election integrity across the U.S., according to the Democracy Initiative Education Fund, a coalition of 75 civil rights, environmental and civic organizations.