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Election 2022


The largest fine in state history for a missing authority line in a political ad was announced by Maryland officials on Thursday. State Prosecutor…

Ex-governor is co-chair of the No Labels movement, which is pondering whether to promote a White House candidate.

Gov. Wes Moore was sworn in as Maryland’s 63rd governor and first Black executive shortly after noon on Wednesday. These are his remarks, as…

Lierman pledges that comptroller’s office will be fair and equitable.

Democrats ‘spent a lot of time educating voters on how easy it was to do mail-in voting,’ party leader says.

How can we create a pro-democracy electorate where the conspiracy seeds may fall but not spread?

In a rarity, no member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee has applied for the District 14 vacancy.

Oftentimes, the chatter about the names you hear for key positions are coming directly from the wannabes who wish to serve in the Moore administration or from people who are close to them.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the fastest-growing populations in the United States, with record turnout during the last election cycle