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Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan

Transportation officials reboot conversation with the public over widening of the Capital Beltway and portions of I-270 and a new American Legion Bridge.

The state is losing employees almost as fast as it can hire them using unusual and outdated and uncompetitive hiring practices.

“Veterans, as a result of their serving our nation, have been exposed to different stressors than our civilian population,” according to Dr. David Marcozzi, Chief Clinical Officer for the University of Maryland Medical Center.

During the pandemic, federal COVID relief packages distributed more than $4 trillion across the United States to counter the then-novel COVID-19 virus. But over…

The recommendation by the Capital Debt Affordability Committee comes as fiscal leaders grapple with projected structural deficits and aging government and school facilities.

Del. Mark N. Fisher points to a district map on the House floor

A new report issued by a coalition that includes Common Cause, calls on the state to create an independent commission to draw maps after the 2030 Census.

Last month, a high-ranking state lawmaker suggested a request that a state auditor look into whether the contract was awarded properly ‘merits scrutiny.’

Ranked choice voting offers a viable alternative to the emergence of third parties, like the ‘No Labels’ party proposed by former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and, implicitly, by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

The previous procurement for the lucrative deal, valued at millions of dollars, was halted soon after Gov. Wes Moore (D) took office, following complaints by some companies interested in the contract.

As the NFL season opens, what’s the connection between the Commanders’ desire for a new stadium and an ambitious redevelopment project underway in Prince George’s County?