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Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan

Progressive lawmakers said they saw the agenda of Gov.-elect Wes Moore (D) largely aligning with their own, but some injected notes of caution.

A year after lawmakers sought her removal, Tiffany Robinson heralds her handling of an ‘unprecedented’ crisis.

Fate of a controversial and lucrative contract proposal is now up in the air.

Fundraiser features not one but two slick, campaign-style videos on leadership, and multiple hints about the governor’s future plans.

The book is strongest is in its discussion of Hogan’s well-oiled PR machine, his ability to stay on message, and his relentless use of polling.

‘The partisan election process is a decidedly imperfect vehicle for assessing the performance of a judge,’ jurist tells workgroup on judicial selection.

A watchdog group catalogues which corporations are naughty and nice when it comes to supporting democracy.

Nicole Harris, Tim Fazenbaker competing to lead Maryland Republican Party.

For Maryland gamblers who select one of the state’s ‘Lucky 7’ sportsbooks, online wagering will soon be just a few clicks away.

Recommendations for Brown’s office include creating an ombudsman position, upholding Anton’s Law.