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Maryland Matters welcomes guest commentary submissions at [email protected].

We suggest a 750-word limit and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions.

Opinion pieces must be signed by at least one individual using their real name. We do not accept columns signed by an organization.

We do not accept columns that are endorsements of candidates, and no longer accept submissions from elected officials or political candidates.

Views of writers are their own.

Investments in housing and vocational training programs are essential as families still feel the financial impact of the pandemic.

By Michael Middleton and Dr. Sacoby Wilson The writers are, respectively, executive director of the SB7 Coalition in South Baltimore and the director of…

By Wandra Ashley-Williams The writer is Maryland regional director for Climate XChange, a national organization promoting climate action at the state level. House Bill…

The war on drugs has only made things worse, the author writes.

Prince George’s parents see peril in two tax and funding bills before the county’s legislative delegation.

No business operating in a competitive environment would risk spending vast sums on long-term infrastructure to deliver an undetermined ‘something different.’

Bill decrees that when monopoly utilities spend money on activities completely unrelated to the delivery of energy services, that money comes from their profits, not their customer’s wallets.

The governor who signed the electricity deregulation bill in 1999 supports the measure in the General Assembly to modify the law.

Maryland is home to one of the most educated workforces in the nation but it’s not enough for the rapidly growing tech industry.

Columnist: A new education federalism is the road to follow.