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From the editor: Support nonprofit journalism as NewsMatch begins today

Dear Maryland Matters reader,

Last month, I marked my four-year anniversary with Maryland Matters. I also welcomed my second child into this world.

In between the mid-night (and mid-day and mid-afternoon) feedings, I’ve been reflecting on changes at Maryland Matters over the years.

We celebrated five years as a non-profit newsroom this spring, growing from a volunteer-based blog to a go-to source for state government news and incisive campaign coverage as Marylanders head to ballot boxes.

So far this year, we’ve published more than 1,200 articles, analyses and commentaries on important topics from the election and voting rights to educational equity and criminal justice reform.

If you’d like to help make sure we’re ready to report the crucial issues ahead — newly elected leaders in Annapolis and across the state, climate change and continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, to list a few — please consider a tax-deductible contribution.

Starting today through Dec. 31, contributions up to $1,000 could be doubled by NewsMatch, a collaborative fundraising movement to support independent, public service journalism like ours.

And, if you start a new monthly recurring donation, NewsMatch will double the entire year’s amount. So a commitment of $10 a month today means NewsMatch will contribute $120.

Maryland Matters doesn’t run ads and we don’t have a paywall — we want our independent reporting to be available to as many people as possible.

What we do have are loyal supporters like you who make our work possible. For that, we are grateful. Please consider supporting our work — as we look forward to our next five years.


Danielle E. Gaines