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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Fundraiser features not one but two slick, campaign-style videos on leadership, and multiple hints about the governor’s future plans.

With praise for Donald Trump and a last (?) swipe at Larry Hogan, Dan Cox acknowledged Wednesday that his gubernatorial bid came up short.

A victor in his first try for public office; Cox refuses to concede

Wicomico has been without a permanent county executive since the summer of 2020, when Republican Bob Culver died.

Default could hit Maryland hard; Hoyer calls it ‘a phony issue’ trumped up by Republicans.

Station’s coverage of a ballot question the network’s owner is backing financially crosses a ‘clear ethical line,’ journalism professor says.

The committee will present new evidence, but will also synthesize findings presented at earlier hearings.

The candidate Hogan is stumping for is interested in the governor’s success in a blue state.

Congressman hammers his rival for once advocating that people with HIV be ordered to get tattoos.

Governor wants top donors and supporters to help him burnish his legacy in the months ahead.