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Following an informational campaign urging thousands of Marylanders to re-enroll in Medicaid, the Maryland Department of Health released data showing that more than 76,000…

Agency was established in 1971 and is composed of seven members appointed by the governor.

Gov. Wes Moore said a cache was necessary because of federal court challenges to the drug mifepristone.

While more Northern cities are experiencing the brunt of the smoke and suffering from reduced air quality due to the wildfires in Canada, Maryland is catching a far amount of smokey air.

Moore signed the executive order during a LGBTQIA+ reception Monday evening, following his recent proclamation recognizing June as Pride Month in Maryland.

“And so for the Congress to say ‘hey, we want people to go back to work,’ doesn’t recognize the economic situation we’re in,” Wilson said

Last reported measles outbreak in Maryland was in 2019, when five confirmed cases were reported in the Baltimore-area.

‘We, as a state, need to do everything that we can do to give people from the LGBTQ community access to health care – period,’ Del. Ashanti Martinez says. 

States such as Maryland are seen as “access points” due to more lenient abortion laws.

Lawmakers in the U.S. House passed bipartisan legislation Thursday in an effort to curb staggering overdose deaths from illegal fentanyl substances that are illicitly…