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As counties look to creative restrictions, lawmakers in Annapolis weigh restricting local authority to promote broader policy goals.

Tax revenue from cannabis can be beneficial for states, so it’s important for companies to be properly valuated, an industry expert writes.

Some potential cannabis businesses are criticizing the tight turnaround to obtain new licenses to grow, process or distribute marijuana.

Police departments reporting declines in gun seizures they say is driven by bans on searches based on the odor of cannabis.

State law allowing recreational cannabis sales tightened restrictions on hemp growers and is forcing Kimberly Abner and her husband to close shop and sell their farm.

On Saturday Maryland joins 20 states that already allow adults to legally buy recreational cannabis.

A bill awaiting the governor’s signature ends the medical cannabis board and replaces it with one that will oversee the medical and recreational industries.

The 108-page bill coming out of the House Economic Matters and Senate Finance Committees represents days of negotiations between the committees.

A bill pending approval in the Senate would allow licensed cannabis growing in Maryland to cover 23 times more area than it does now.

In some states, so-called labor peace agreements have figured prominently in efforts to set up legal pot marketplaces.