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C.T. Wilson

Even though the House has its own version of the weighty legislation — chopped into three parts — House leaders have chosen to use the Senate bill as the vehicle to put their own stamp on the state’s climate policy.

Key committees in the Senate and the House moved forward with a measure that would establish a statewide paid family and medical leave program.

Lawmakers began the legislative session considering a measure that would offer paid family and medical leave to all Marylanders, but a key House committee…

After easing strict emission reduction standards on the building industry, a Senate committee passed a sweeping climate bill while climate measures in the House…

House Bill 1 would give voters the ability to chart the state’s course on marijuana legalization in November.

Advocates cheer push toward legalization but worry that marijuana users will light up too soon.

Del. Mark N. Fisher points to a district map on the House floor

Maryland lawmakers finalized new legislative boundaries, but the new map is certain to face legal challenges in the coming weeks.

C.T. Wilson at virtual hearing

One lawmaker is attempting to change the way students learn American history.

Dereck Eugene Davis was 27 years old when he was elected to represent Prince George’s County in the House of Delegates in 1994. “When…

Del. Anne R. Kaiser (D-Montgomery) announced via a short Facebook post Thursday night that she is stepping down as chair of the powerful House…