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C.T. Wilson

C.T. Wilson

An attorney for Del. Jeffrie Long refutes charges and said his client was not in the area at the time of the alleged incident involving his aunt.

The governor signed 93 bills into law, including The Child Victims Act.

Senate opted to work late Friday instead of coming in; across the street, at Government House, the Moore family hosted an Easter egg hunt.

The 108-page bill coming out of the House Economic Matters and Senate Finance Committees represents days of negotiations between the committees.

The House and Senate voted on child sexual abuse legislation that took years for both to approve simultaneously.

Is it transparency or an attempt to stifle frank conversations about energy policy? Grid operator’s priorities can be at odds with state climate goals.

A bill allowing victims of sexual abuse to file a lawsuit for incidents that occurred decades ago appears on its way to final Senate approval after clearing a key preliminary hurdle.

The Maryland House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Wednesday to legislation that would regulate and license the budding cannabis industry, defeating attempts by Republican…