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Aruna Miller

Aruna Miller

Each transition panel includes a combination of policy experts, advocates, elected officials, and campaign donors — though those are not mutually exclusive.

A watchdog group catalogues which corporations are naughty and nice when it comes to supporting democracy.

Moore names three deputy chiefs of staff and an assistant chief of staff, meaning he’s revealed many of the people who will work on the State House 2nd floor.

Some old government hands and a wide array of advocates and activists.

Timing of vote in the Board of Public Works becomes an issue.

Governor-elect taps five for key positions as transition intensifies.

The current governor and the future governor get together in the State House while their associates hash out some transition details.

Wes Moore’s victory in the race for Maryland governor was not pre-ordained. We talked with political insiders and the candidate himself about his come-from-behind victory.

With praise for Donald Trump and a last (?) swipe at Larry Hogan, Dan Cox acknowledged Wednesday that his gubernatorial bid came up short.