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Alex Pavlak

Green groups seem stuck in the outdated perception of nuclear energy portrayed in popular culture, akin to Mr. Burns and Homer Simpson in Springfield.

The state needs a clear competent vision of net-zero before we set interim goals and commit serious money, an engineer and policy expert writes.

The problem with offshore wind is the cost of managing large scale intermittency on clean systems with no cheap fossil fuel backup, the author writes.

Offshore Wind

What is Maryland’s big picture? How do all the pieces fit together into an integrated reliable electric power system?

Earlier this year Exelon announced the early retirement of four nuclear reactors and, in a recent conference call, the CEO commented on rumors that…

Maryland now has a sound clean energy goal: 100 percent clean electricity by 2040. This goal is smart because it specifies a clear purpose:…

Energy technologies need to fit together to configure systems that deliver reliable affordable electric power when and where it is needed. In choosing a…