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“This is just another way that folks are able to have personal autonomy over their own health care, and so I think that is how the public is perceiving it,” she said.

Interim report from the Transportation Revenue and Infrastructure Needs Commission could recommend ways to bolster the state’s fund for road and transit projects.

What will it take for the interim state superintendent Carey Wright to live up to her advance billing, especially as a miracle worker for…

Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk asserts the county executive’s pitch to Prince George’s Latino Democrats is coming too late.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation is facing billions in cuts to address shortfalls that will squeeze operations and construction budgets. State officials spent the better…

Cardin has been going regularly to U.N. climate conferences since 2016 in Paris, when scores of governments agreed to international emissions reduction goals.

Mayor’s trip to the Netherlands, where some cities sit below sea level, was eye-opening and confirmed that what Annapolis plans to do in the future will work, he said.

At least six complaints are filed against Key School, a private school in Annapolis, under the Child Victims Act.

The forthcoming legislative debate comes at a time when consumer advocates are pressuring state officials to crack down on unsavory practices by electric retailers.

The watchdog for the General Services Administration will investigate the process that led the federal agency to choose a Maryland site over two others…