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The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland will have new leaders after Dels. Darryl Barnes and Benjamin Brooks say they are giving up their caucus jobs.

The Cox campaign has appealed to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the second-highest court in the state, and is asking the court to issue a stay on the ruling until judges decide whether to accept the appeal.

November’s election results are going to necessitate a lot of soul-searching among GOP activists about the kind of candidates and messages the party needs to be advancing in this blue state.

Following his dismissal, Jeremy LaMaster accuses FreeState’s board of creating a “white supremacist culture,” group says.

Heather Mizeur returns to her old stomping grounds next week for a fundraiser.

Police Accountability

The council plans to approve five members to the board and County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (D) will name the other five, along with the board chair.

Mental health remains a challenge among America’s youth detailed in 2022 Kids Count Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

At least 3,000 exonerated individuals in the U.S. have spent a combined 25,000 years of their lives behind bars due to wrongful prosecution.

Ongoing Chesapeake Bay clean water efforts expose disparities in the application of environmental laws.

As the threat of climate change becomes more dire and as technological advances make alternative energy ever cheaper options, the push to decarbonize the electric grid is growing.