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William McCollum paid $125,000 in restitution but prosecutors are expected to ask for a year of jail time.

Comptroller seeking to strengthen ties to the communities her office serves.

South and Midwest see big boosts. Young people, Black women and people with disabilities benefit.

“This right here means so much because instead of visiting her at the cemetery, I can now come to this wonderful tree…letting me feel that she’s still here,” she said.

The U.S. House on Wednesday voted to overturn the Biden administration’s one-time student debt relief plan that is currently on hold awaiting a Supreme…

Republicans and Democrats in Congress together brokered dozens of debt limit agreements, including several during the past decade, marked by a desire in both…


League of Women Voters and Common Cause Maryland aren’t backing a particular candidate but say the next administrator should bring certain qualities to the table.

Under a new law, thousands of Marylanders could gain access to life-saving biomarker testing.

Progressives are pushing hard for President Joe Biden to take the unprecedented step of invoking the 14th Amendment as a way to avoid financial…

The state Board of Education plans to vote this year on whether to give Mohammed Choudhury a new, four-year contract.