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Under the settlement, the property company admits no wrongdoing.

Creation of the workgroup follows years of debate in Annapolis over the wisdom of requiring circuit court judges to run in partisan elections after being appointed.

Prince George’s County Angela Alsobrooks (D) held a press conference on Labor Day to announce a controversial decision to step up enforcement of a…


A few jurisdictions continue to seek members to serve on their local police accountability boards.

Maryland is one of 20 states that signed on to a brief this week supporting the federal government’s efforts to regulate untraceable weapons that are often made at home and purchased without background checks.

Tom Manger, former police chief in Montgomery County, wrapped up his first year as U.S. Capitol Police chief, bringing major changes to a department rioters besieged on Jan. 6, 2021.

Unregistered, unserialized weapons produced with Polymer80 parts have turned up at crime scenes across the country, but state-level efforts to close ghost gun loopholes continue to fall short.

Maryland’s top federal prosecutor announced what he called a series of ‘exceptional action’ that his office will undertake to quell violence in the city of Baltimore.

Following a spike in hate crimes and other incidents targeting minorities and their places of worship, a new alert system led by civil rights leaders in Maryland has gone live.

Black’s 2018 death became a flash point for the police reform movement in Maryland.