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An education advocate offers an assessment of Maryland’s state superintendent’s first year.

U.S. House Education and Labor Committee Chairman Bobby Scott of Virginia has filed a brief along with 64 other House Democrats urging the Supreme Court to…

A roll of U.S. bills wearing a mortarboard graduation cap

More than 100 congressional Democrats are urging the White House to extend the pause on student loan repayment beyond the Aug. 31 deadline. In…

Two Marylanders are new members of a national board advising the White House on ways to support America’s historically Black colleges and universities.

a teacher discusses a paper with a middle school student

Conditionally certified teachers in Maryland have received an extension from the state’s Board of Education, giving them two more years to become fully licensed teachers.

The State Department of Education should ensure that increased special education funding is not diverted to other programs, an education advocate writes.

a teacher discusses a paper with a middle school student

A board charged with implementing a 10-year, multi-billion-dollar education reform plan in Maryland focused on efforts to create a diverse group of high-quality educators…

Digital Divide

At the most basic level, all students need to have computers and stable internet connections.

In the state’s second largest school district, we are struggling with a variety of staffing issues, including widespread vacancies, and a lack of prospective teachers.

No one familiar with schools throughout Maryland doubts that grading and promotion/retention issues exist statewide to one degree or another.