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an e-book reader sits atop a pile of traditionally bound books

Advocates are preparing bills aimed at making e-books more affordable for Maryland libraries.

A judge scheduled a hearing for November to review allegations against Prince George’s County school board chair Juanita Miller.

School desk with school accessory and yellow backpack

A draft to implement Maryland’s multi-billion education reform plan that lawmakers approved last year is scheduled for release next month.

Although the majority of Maryland’s public school buildings are adequate for educational use, some still have problems with deteriorated roads and walkways, fire and…

An ethics report that implicated wrongdoing by a majority of the elected members of the Prince George’s County Board of Education last year misattributed…

Prince George’s, the state’s second-largest school system, is the only one of 16 systems which have opened that requires masks inside school buildings and on school buses.

The White House held a virtual meeting Thursday with more than 1,000 college and university officials to help them prepare for a school year when monkeypox cases are expected to crop up on campus.

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will cancel up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for Pell Grant borrowers and up to…

According to one COVID learning loss calculator, students in three Maryland counties suffered the greatest setbacks.

College students are heading back to campus following more than two years of a pandemic that led many schools to empty out for full…