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Guest Commentary - page 10

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Maryland Matters welcomes guest commentary submissions at [email protected]. We suggest a 750-word limit and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions. We do not accept columns that are endorsements of candidates or submissions from political candidates. Views of writers are their own.

Maryland has an opportunity to be a beacon for our vulnerable democracy and a role model for reforms that will strengthen our democratic processes.

Lawmakers should take steps to limit insurers’ use of prior authorization and step therapy requirements.

Reforms suggested after an audit team recommended review of 100 custodial deaths.

There is a public health crisis being forced upon the transgender community — and lack of access to life-saving health care for transgender Marylanders is one of the biggest barriers.

Maryland should abolish the subminimum wage for tipped workers or risk falling behind other states, advocate writes.

Police Accountability

What is a pattern-or-practice investigation and how will it benefit Marylanders?

Could curbside voting be possible for people who are elderly or disabled?

For criminal laws to be respected, they must be considered fair and in proportion to the crime.

Pesticides do not require PFAS to be effective, the authors write.

A coalition of labor advocates write that Maryland’s Occupational Safety and Health program is in dire need of resources and reform.