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Patrick Moran

Patrick Moran

The state is losing employees almost as fast as it can hire them using unusual and outdated and uncompetitive hiring practices.

Wes Moore’s “lofty goal” to hire 5,000 employees by January is in uncertain waters. Governor also cast doubts on the job performance of the state school superintendent.

The nephew of Maryland’s senior senator eyes the race for an opportunity and Dereck Davis remembers the time former Sen. Tommie Broadwater gave him advice about being a “punk.”

The leader of the largest union representing state workers claims a $13 million settlement is the second largest in the nation for current and former corrections employees.


The votes to join the state’s largest public employee union were overwhelming

Despite some whispers in Annapolis, Democratic nominee rejects the idea that there are any hard feelings from the primary.

State will go through the normal procurement process to find a private contractor to provide medical services in Western Maryland.

Supporters of Western Maryland Hospital Center once again battle to keep the 65-year-old facility open.

Fiscal leaders broadly agreed that vigilance and prudence will be necessary in the years ahead, but had slightly different interpretations of the meaning and value of the surplus.

On this Labor Day, joining a union and having a voice in workplaces should be a fundamental freedom that every working Marylander can enjoy, the head of AFSCME writes.