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Mohammed Choudhury

The appointment of Mohammed Choudhury as state schools superintendent has been a gripping story which I have followed closely. As he was about to…

If Mohammed Choudhury received a new contract, he could’ve served the longest term since Nancy Grasmick, who served for 20 years until she retired in June 2011.

Wes Moore’s “lofty goal” to hire 5,000 employees by January is in uncertain waters. Governor also cast doubts on the job performance of the state school superintendent.

Nearly 47% of all students in third to eighth grades scored on a proficient level in English language arts.

Deliberations continue by the Maryland State Board of Education on whether to reappoint Mohammed Choudhury as superintendent. “The board has not made a decision,”…

The Maryland State Board of Education will continue deliberating whether to offer a new four-year contract to the state superintendent of schools. The board…

Moore covers a wide range of topics from his first six months in office.

If approved, Mohammed Choudhury could serve the longest term as superintendent since Nancy Grasmick retired in June 2011.

Slightly less than half of Maryland’s high school graduates between 2017 to 2021 did not enroll in college months after graduating.

The state Board of Education plans to vote this year on whether to give Mohammed Choudhury a new, four-year contract.