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Martin O’Malley

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) moved one step closer Tuesday to becoming the next Social Security commissioner, a role that would become increasingly…

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley told senators that if he is confirmed as the new commissioner of the Social Security Administration, he would focus on improving service and boosting morale.

Tolls on Maryland’s tunnels and bridges have not increased in a decade. That era may soon be at an end.

Official portrait was removed to be enlarged after briefly hanging in the State House.

Maryland’s former governor would become the first permanent commissioner of the agency since Biden took office.

Six Republicans have now announced bids for the 6th District seat or filed paperwork to become candidates, and the list is almost certain to grow. The Democratic field is also growing.

Light rail project is nearly five years behind schedule and nearly $4 billion over budget.

After eight years, the official portraits of the former governor and his wife will take their place inside the State House and governor’s mansion.

A failed amendment breaking the link between inflation and increases in the gas tax is similar to bills stalled in House and Senate committees.

Peering into the crowd on Lawyers Mall — as well as staring up at the stage erected for the inaugural ceremony on the steps of the State House, was a fun and all-consuming activity.