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Kim Coble

Top environmentalist says the 2023 session ‘marked a new day for Maryland,’ with strong environmental leaders in the governor’s office and in key positions in the legislature.

Former Gov. Hogan had paused Maryland’s participation in meeting the California standard.

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Maryland is a participant in one of the most durable and successful climate-righting programs in history, but politics sometimes interfere.

The LCV’s annual scorecard gave lawmakers high scores generally, and especially celebrated passage of a major climate bill.

Several Democratic gubernatorial candidates used the Supreme Court decision to promote their environmental credentials and policies.

Two leading candidates for governor launched new TV ads on Tuesday, synthesizing their basic arguments.

The change comes as Hogan wraps up his second term as governor next January and an increasing number of high-ranking administration officials begin to move on.

Even though the House has its own version of the weighty legislation — chopped into three parts — House leaders have chosen to use the Senate bill as the vehicle to put their own stamp on the state’s climate policy.

After four hours of debate and a series of failed attempts by Republicans to amend it, a sweeping climate change bill won preliminary approval…


Business owners, farmers and local leaders have plenty to say about the impacts of our changing climate. Lawmakers not ready to address the climate crisis should talk to them.