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Kim Coble

Greens ‘feel betrayed,’ a green leader says. ‘This was done in the dead of night without consultation. This is a partial repeal of Climate Solutions Now.’

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters has been closely identified with Gov. Wes Moore (D) since the 2022 campaign, but it is opposing his bill to bring more data centers to the state.

While environmental advocates have widely praised the Moore administration’s climate plan, they have become increasingly distressed over the lack of funding being immediately made available.

Moore and other officials characterized the $90 million investment as ‘a downpayment’ toward fulfilling the state’s ambitious climate goals — but no one knows where the rest of the money will come from.

New document is released as state readies recommendations for its ‘pathway’ to meet legislative goals.

Maryland League of Conservation Voters pushes for the hiring of a chief climate officer soon.

Top environmentalist says the 2023 session ‘marked a new day for Maryland,’ with strong environmental leaders in the governor’s office and in key positions in the legislature.

Former Gov. Hogan had paused Maryland’s participation in meeting the California standard.

power plant

Maryland is a participant in one of the most durable and successful climate-righting programs in history, but politics sometimes interfere.