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Isiah Leggett

The five state agencies and commissions have until June 15 to submit Blueprint documents with a focus on work between fiscal year 2024 to fiscal year 2027.

Blueprint summaries note local schools still trying to figure out teacher shortage, implement literacy plans.

AIB board chair Isiah “Ike” Leggett called the miscommunication with state Department of Education an “unforced error.”

Collaboration was the main theme at a joint meeting where two education groups discussed ideas to revamp the state’s education system.

A proposed timeline estimates it could take five years to implement new college and career readiness standards — or make changes to them.

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future document will outline 10-year plan to reform education.

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Accountability and Implementation Board holds two public hearings on multi-billion-dollar plan.

Blueprint board reviews how to assess whether state and local officials execute multi-billion-dollar education plan.


Educators, public school administrators and students join committees to boost comprehensive education plan.