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Bill Ferguson

Bill Ferguson

Two-day orientation offers incoming legislators valuable tricks of the trade

A watchdog group catalogues which corporations are naughty and nice when it comes to supporting democracy.

The new law prioritizes pockets of poverty, giving schools services they need to thrive.

Wes Moore’s victory in the race for Maryland governor was not pre-ordained. We talked with political insiders and the candidate himself about his come-from-behind victory.

The next governor and General Assembly should substantially increase funding for in-school psychologists, social workers and counselors, while sustaining support for outside programs.

District 30 Democratic Club host abortion discussion mixing history, support for procedure simply deemed as ‘health care.’

Addressing educational, professional, health and transportation needs of Marylanders will be on the agenda, presiding officers say.

Senate Republicans said they would spotlight Democratic policies and proposals on the campaign trail in an attempt to argue that Democrats are out of step with average Marylanders.

The Great Maryland Outdoors Act, the largest state government investment in Maryland parks, is starting to have an impact.

In his first election cycle as the upper chamber’s leader, Senate president Bill Ferguson (D) is proving that he’s no slouch on the fundraising front.