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Antonio Hayes

If HB 728 becomes law, the bill would prompt the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to apply for a federal waiver in order to let undocumented migrants use the exchange.

Oil and business interests offer written testimony in opposition to the legislation but do not send anyone to testify at public hearing.

Hogan sheds a leading GOP primary opponent, while Democrats and their allies up their attacks on abortion.

Baltimore City District Court Judge Kevin Wilson’s renomination was pulled before a Monday hearing of the Senate Executive Nominations Committee.

A Maryland judge who is the daughter of the late Secretary of State Madeline Albright is set to join the state’s Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

Legislative sessions are by their nature very unpredictable — and this one seems harder to game out than most. Which means any one of the 188 lawmakers are poised to make a difference.

Departure of Sen. Melony Griffith sets off a cascade of changes in the Maryland Senate.

The confirmation of a historic nominee to lead the Maryland State Police remains in limbo after nearly an hour of testimony before the Senate Executive…

Legalization bill expected to hit Senate floor this week; differences remain between Senate and House.

Sen. Joanne Benson said Lt. Col. Roland Butler Jr. was unresponsive to concerns about how Black troopers were disciplined and complaints about racism.