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Aaron Penman

Republican executive temporarily blocked county auditor from accessing financial information and the president of the county council calls the relationship strained.

Alison Healey says County Executive Robert Cassilly is blocking access to emails of an employee on emergency leave and said she will seek a court order and money for a private email server for her office

Subpoena asks for emails and other records related to accusations that the first-year Harford County Executive illegally snooped on the emails and phone records of a councilmember, sheriff and others.

Nearly a dozen counties have shared email systems and some council leaders are questioning the need to go it alone or impose limits on their executives.

The area around State Circle is a beehive of construction and renovation activity. The oldest state capitol building in the nation in continuous use…

A Harford County council member is calling for Harford County Executive Robert Cassilly (R) to take a leave of absence after accusing the freshman…