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William Voelp

Few details are known but the chair of the state elections board said the pool includes both in- and out-of-state candidates.


League of Women Voters and Common Cause Maryland aren’t backing a particular candidate but say the next administrator should bring certain qualities to the table.

The nomination comes at a time of change for the board including a search for a new elections administrator.

Lamone’s participation in discussions about the search for her successor drew swift rebuke from one state senator who called Lamone’s involvement ‘inappropriate.’


The long-serving state Elections Administrator to write first draft of qualifications for her successor.

As primary results were certified Monday, nearly a month after the July 19 election, the State Board of Elections voted to seek legal action to allow earlier processing of ballots in November.


Funn’s death comes at a critical time for the state elections board, as it works to certify the results from the primaries and prepares for the general election.

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