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Wanika Fisher

Developer-friendly zoning planks are erased by self-styled ‘People’s Council’ just days after taking office

Prince George’s and Montgomery County councils pick their new leadership — not without controversy

Developers are prevented from making direct contributions to Prince George’s County councilmembers.

People of color make up 43% of Maryland’s Court of Appeals, which is the state’s highest court, while 57% of the justices are women.

One of the great mysteries of the 2022 legislative session — and the campaign season — came to an end on Wednesday, when Sen….

Voters will decide the issue in November. Possible veto showdown set for next week.

Many people assume that we already have a right to a clean and healthy environment. Sadly, that is not true in practice.

"Home of the Brave" sign outside of hospital

Current and former health officers told lawmakers about the threats they faced over public health decisions.

After several tenant relief measures failed to pass before the end of the 2021 legislative session, lawmakers say they’ll try again in 2022.