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Susan Lee

Susan Lee

Heather Mizeur returns to her old stomping grounds next week for a fundraiser.

President Joe Biden on Monday unveiled the Department of Justice’s plan to regulate untraceable firearms known as ghost guns, and he announced his nominee…

Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) enacted legislation to ban the sale and possession of ghost guns on Friday morning, while also imploring lawmakers to take action on his stalled crime-fighting bills. 


Local governments are able to upgrade their lights as economics allow. Utility foot-dragging on their lights is a slower process. Current legislation would change that.

The Maryland General Assembly advanced bills on Friday that would ban the sale and ownership of unserialized firearms, or “ghost guns.” The Senate preliminarily…

The House and Senate took vastly different approaches to craft policy prohibiting unserialized ghost guns on Wednesday.

House keys sitting on an eviction notice received in the mail.

Letting local governments require landlords to provide a reason when they choose not to renew a tenant’s lease is a top priority for fair housing advocates.


Legislation in the General Assembly would aid victims of sex traffickers, the author writes.

Use of ghost guns in Maryland has risen substantially in the last two years.

Every year, the Maryland Free Enterprise Foundation — Maryland Free, and previously known as Maryland Business for Responsive Government — issues a report card…