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Steven Platt

‘Every danger is an opportunity,’ John F. Kennedy told his brother Bobby.

The “Trumpian Right” and the “Illiberal Left” have a lot more in common than either of them would like to admit.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson addressed the issue in her opening statement by stating, ‘I know my role as a judge is a limited one.’

Public Defender

Advice to judges, lawmakers and politicians, offered with “the proper degree of humility.”

Public transparency proposals shouldn’t be politicized — and lawmakers should fix the general inadequacy of Maryland’s public information laws.

By Steven I. Platt The writer is a Senior Circuit Court Judge. The merit-based appointment by Governor Hogan of former Delegate Kathleen Dumais, who…

In a world where lawyers think their law degrees give them a license to spin conspiracy theories judges must insist and, if necessary, enforce rules of conduct.

Public Defenders

By Steven I. Platt The writer is a Senior Circuit Court Judge. In the wake of the completion of the trial of the individual…

Republican Party

A mentor of mine once explained to me his theory of what kinds of people get involved in politics in Our Great American Democracy….

Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera of the Maryland Court of Appeals delivered the quadrennial State of the Judiciary address earlier this month. She described…