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Steve Hershey

Del. Jason Buckel (R-Allegany) and Sen. Stephen S. Hershey Jr. (R-Upper Shore), the leaders of the Republicans in the House and Senate respectively. File photo by Bryan P. Sears.

Five-bill package includes some unsuccessfully introduced in previous years or legislation seeking to roll back portions of recently enacted laws.

Tolls on Maryland’s tunnels and bridges have not increased in a decade. That era may soon be at an end.

Moving to a surcharge based on the number of miles driven is one change the state’s new Transportation Revenue and Infrastructure Needs Commission could recommend.

A person fills a car with gasoline from a green pump

The tax rate of a gallon of gas will increase by more than 10% compared to the current rate.

The U.S. Army veteran signed into law a six-pack of measures focused on the state’s veterans.

Will the former president’s indictment reverberate during the final days of the General Assembly session or in the coming election cycle in Maryland?

Legalization bill expected to hit Senate floor this week; differences remain between Senate and House.

A bill that would allow counties on the Eastern Shore to hike their hotel tax rates by 1% faces an uncertain future after a…

A failed amendment breaking the link between inflation and increases in the gas tax is similar to bills stalled in House and Senate committees.

Invoking rhetoric of the left, Rep. Andy Harris tells a room of wind turbine foes: ‘This is what democracy looks like.’