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Sara Love

Sara Love

The question is whether CASA’s new statement will satisfy all the critics who emerged after the initial controversy.

Top environmentalist says the 2023 session ‘marked a new day for Maryland,’ with strong environmental leaders in the governor’s office and in key positions in the legislature.

Trucks and buses account for 9% of the vehicles on the road in Maryland, but they contribute 21% of carbon pollution.

Lack of uniform access to safe drinking water can lead to financial and public health crises, experts say.

Maryland PIRG

Passing the Taylor Act was a strong start to address the problem of PFAS, but MDE needs to take bolder action to stop the contamination from these toxic substances.


Legislation being advanced in the General Assembly and the Hogan administration’s support for parks and open space demonstrates Maryland is serious about addressing its “nature crisis.”

Following recent pollution violations by a chicken rendering facility operating under an expired discharge permit, lawmakers are introducing a bill that would limit how…

A portrait of George “Walter” Taylor in fire gear and leaning against a red engine

PFAS, a group of more than 9,000 chemicals, are often referred to as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down in the environment, including in human bodies.