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Rosa DeLauro

Maryland congressmen argue that Republicans have turned the earmarks process into ‘partisan politics.’

Republicans’ proposed spending cuts, according to Cabinet secretaries and agency heads, could impact dozens of federal programs and quality of life for many Americans.

McCarthy’s strings could tangle budget deliberations, tie spending.

Maryland Rep. Harris calls possibility of certain exemptions being lifted ‘ridiculous.’

Both the Biden administration and Congress moved Wednesday to try to relieve a national infant formula shortage.

Democratic appropriators in the U.S. House unveiled a $28 million emergency spending bill intended to address a nationwide infant formula shortage.

Betsy DeVos

  Colleges and universities across the country are getting emergency federal aid for COVID-19, but some of the most vulnerable students won’t be eligible…

U.S. House Democrats tore into the Trump administration’s annual budget request for the Department of Education at a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday. The administration’s…

Lawmakers have reached a landmark agreement on paid parental leave for federal workers that could institute paid time off for civilian employees for the…