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Robin Grammer

Some former state employees who were hired before the change in law want to stay with the state plan that they agreed to when hired.

A hearing to discuss the Center for Firearm Violence Prevention and Invention is set for Feb. 14 before the House Judiciary Committee.

The next opportunity for the state to apply for grants under the federal transportation program opens later this year.

In the bad old days, lawmakers might find envelopes of campaign cash from lobbyists and special interest groups before a key vote. The pre-session campaign cash dash only seems a tad less brazen.

Clyde Boatwright, president of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, testified virtually for almost 90 minutes of the more than three-hour briefing.

Eight Republican delegates sought an investigation citing donation irregularities highlighted by a controversial partisan filmmaker.

The Maryland House of Delegates granted final approval Thursday to a bill that would give the state attorney general’s office Independent Investigations Division prosecutorial…

Will the former president’s indictment reverberate during the final days of the General Assembly session or in the coming election cycle in Maryland?

Deep in the minority, House Republicans debate strategy and tactics in an ever-evolving political environment.

Work group hears presentation on projected demand for cannabis after it becomes legal later this year.