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Nicole Beus Harris

Elfreth, Atterbeary plan announcements soon, while other big names are seriously contemplating the race.

‘What’s going on in your county?’ colleagues ask a state lawmaker from the Lower Shore.

In many cases, it was difficult for the six candidates to distinguish themselves, though they offered different life stories and rhetorical flourishes.

Democratic women outnumber Republican women in the legislature, 72-8: ‘There may be no more branches left on the olive tree.’

If you’ve been thinking the pace of the 2023 General Assembly session is slower than some years, you’re not wrong. A backlog of bills…


The leader of the state Republican Party said she will offer up a new nomination to fill a spot on the Maryland State Board…

Governor says Republican William Newton is ‘not an appropriate selection for this important position of public trust.’

Republican strategist believes the party’s renewal can begin at the local level.

The next president of the United States will ultimately be chosen by the 538-member Electoral College when it convenes in December, including 10 electors…