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Nic Kipke

Nic Kipke

Md. officials must ensure the state is ready for the introduction of new, more effective, or less expensive medicines that may be approved by the federal government in the future.

Legislative sessions are by their nature very unpredictable — and this one seems harder to game out than most. Which means any one of the 188 lawmakers are poised to make a difference.

In the bad old days, lawmakers might find envelopes of campaign cash from lobbyists and special interest groups before a key vote. The pre-session campaign cash dash only seems a tad less brazen.

Days before a new state law enacting broad restrictions on carrying firearms in public was set to take effect, a federal judge issued a…

Eight Republican delegates sought an investigation citing donation irregularities highlighted by a controversial partisan filmmaker.

An Anne Arundel County lawmaker who disrupted House of Delegates floor proceedings in the waning minutes of the 2023 General Assembly session apologized Tuesday,…

A typically frenetic Sine Die devolves into chaos and confusion in the waning minutes of the 90-day legislative session.

Republican lawmakers highlight bills focused on various firearm offenses against repeat violent offenders and even juveniles.

A person fills a car with gasoline from a green pump

Ron Dillon Jr.’s family has been in the chartered bus business for more than 100 years. His company, Atlantic Coast Charters, provides service to…

Del. Shane Pendergrass stands on State House steps

Howard County’s Shane Pendergrass, a retiring committee chair, reflects on her unlikely rise to power.