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Nic Kipke

Nic Kipke

Opponents of Maryland’s legislative redistricting plan filed challenges on Friday to a high court adviser’s recommendation to keep the boundaries drawn by the General…

The report from Special Magistrate Alan M. Wilner will serve as a recommendation to the Court of Appeals, which has original jurisdiction over challenges to state legislative maps.

The former Court of Appeals judge who is presiding over the lawsuits wondered whether Maryland’s unusual geography could have an impact on the district boundaries.

Republicans say union-funded media campaigns should also be disclosed.

The House of Delegates gave unanimous approval Thursday to a trio of bills that would cut sales tax on commonly used baby care and…

Elections lawyer warned that officials might struggle to implement changes that may result from challenges to Maryland’s new legislative map in time for the June 28 primary.

Del. Mark N. Fisher points to a district map on the House floor

Fair Maps Maryland, an anti-gerrymandering group, and three Republican state delegates announced a petition challenging the state’s new legislative districts Thursday.

The public advocate would serve as a statewide ombudsman to “receive, respond to, and investigate ethics complaints” against state officials.

On May 1, 2019, as the House of Delegates gathered in Annapolis to select a new leader three weeks after the sudden death of…

Regular General Assembly sessions — except when they are interrupted by the plague — have a certain common rhythm to them. But special sessions…